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Malcolm Terrell

Malcolm Terrell was born in Gaithersburg, MD, a suburb of Washington D.C. After high school, he attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. After doing more partying than studying, he decided to take his talents to the United States Navy. While serving in the military, he received his Master’s in Accounting and Financial Services from Liberty University. Upon finishing his nine years of Naval Service, Malcolm took an externship, which allowed him to transition into the financial services industry.

Malcolm works with great families and first-generation business owners to organize their finances and help protect their greatest asset -Cash Flow. All too often, his clients wanted better out of life but needed to learn how to develop a process to achieve those results. He became that resource to educate and, by implementing a financial plan, to discover and evade events that could derail them from financial success.

Malcolm is married to his lovely wife, Anise, and they have two beautiful children, Skylar and Callum. Malcolm enjoys golfing, fishing, and watching all sports in his free time.

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